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– All students must prove that they are enrolled in a university.

– A payment of €300 will be required upon registration to secure the booking. This amount will be renewed every year. Half a month’s rent shall also be taken.

– Signature of the contract.

– A personal interview will be conducted by appointment only.

– Visits will be attended to in the common areas, television area or garden, outside dining room hours and never at night.

– Smoking is not allowed anywhere on the premises, nor inside the rooms or in the common areas.

– All items of clothing must be marked with the name of its rightful owner. The Student Accommodation will provide net bags for both underwear and socks.

– Management must be notified of absences exceeding more than one night.

– Any damage caused to the room or the facilities must be paid for by the person who causes it.

– The Student Accommodation is not responsible for any belongings stolen from the room. It is, therefore, recommended that rooms be kept locked at all times.

– Violent verbal or physical behaviour is grounds for immediate expulsion.

– It is strictly forbidden to consume alcoholic and toxic substances in the Student Accommodation.

– No noise is allowed in the common areas or the rooms after midnight. Strict silence is required to ensure peaceful rest and study for the rest of the students.

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